My passion is using data to show how things work whether it be in the realm of predicting, forecasting, descriptive, or visualizations. Data should be used in a way that will show relationships previously unknown or prove relationships that were previously assumed. I am an avid R user and do most of my programming in that language with knowledge of many others. Using docker images that contain solutions using R as a backend environment are fairly new and extremely fun to work on. R has the ability, much like python, to deploy into clusters using plumber as a REST API or shiny as a web application. It is possible to have an entire web application be built in just R(with maybe a little html/js). Besides these, I love time-series and machine learning problems that really challenge how I think about a topic.

I graduated from the University of North Dakota with an MS in Applied Economics in 2019 and am currently a data scientist at IBM in the finance department.

Besides spending my weekends programming, I like to hike, cook, and also train for strongman competitions.

P.S. If you want to get in contact with me just click on the envelope in the top right corner. Also, I generally donโ€™t do extra data science projects when it is nice out. I generally start to do weekend projects once it gets very cold outside in Minnesota. It is a shame to waste the nice weather inside.